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Adult Bible Studies

Adult Bible Studies

The Adult Bible Study ministry at Bible Baptist Church provides a venue of Biblical education, fellowship, and accountability in the context of smaller, age-specific groups. While various teachers rotate in and out, each class is led by a shepherd who is devoted to the care and oversight of his class. Adults meet according to the following age/life-stage breakdown (married couples attend the class according to the husband's age). 

Singles-Shepherds-Andrew & Stephanie Huish

20s/Young Married-Shepherds-Pastor & Janice Allen

30s-Shepherds-Marc & Julia Ingersoll

40s-Shepherds-Bob & Terri Etherington

50s-Shepherds-Mike & Cindy Davis

60s-Shepherds-Tom & Donna Sparks

60s+-Shepherds-Carl & Dawn Pleasants

Ladies' Class - Cindi Pennington