Bible Baptist Church exists to glorify God
by making and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ
who are becoming like Him.


Core Values

Since its founding in 1969, Bible Baptist Church has been a lighthouse of the Gospel in the Charlotte area, faithfully making and maturing true disciples of Jesus Christ. In striving to live out the Bible's pattern of what a church ought to be, we make the following core values the basis of everything we do.We believe glorifying God as a church will involve each of the following activities:

Worship | We are planned for God’s pleasure

We believe that worship is the central theme around which everything else revolves, individually and corporately.  It is our privilege to gather several times a week for the expressed purpose of exalting God. Our services are designed to allow the corporate body to praise, honor and exalt God as He has revealed Himself in Scripture. We worship God corporately through God-exalted singing, Christ-centered preaching, sacrificial giving and dependent praying.

Evangelism | We are sought by God to seek others

We believe the healthy church grows not only by receiving believers who move into our community and transfer their membership from other churches, but also by reaching the unchurched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Edification | We are called to become like Christ

We believe our mandate as a church is to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ. The teaching/preaching ministry of the church is central to this task, and is the primary means by which God saves, sanctifies and strengthens His church. Therefore we emphasize the systematic exposition of the Scripture. Discipleship involves putting off the old man (the flesh), renewing the mind (learning to think like Christ), and putting on the new man. The one indispensible requirement for discipleship is obedience.

Fellowship | We are enlisted to encourage others

Fellowship is the mutual relationship of care, support, and encouragement we have as a result of our common belief in Christ and membership in this church.Everybody needs a friend. We believe developing strong relationships in the church is vital to the health of the local body of Christ.

Prayer | We are dependent to do His work

We believe God alone is the self-existent One who has need of nothing. God has designed the entire universe around Himself so that all things are dependent upon Him. Prayer enables us to line ourselves up under the plan and purpose of God.

Service | We are made to minister

One mark of an effective church is the degree to which believers are engaging in ministry. Service is the outworking of our love for God and others. God has gifted every believer with a spiritual gift(s) which He desires to be used for His glory and the good of His church.  Each gift is a divine endowment through which the Holy spirit ministers to the body of Christ.